Jim Rice Background

I am the second oldest of my parents fifteen children. When my father was a boy, his family were migrant farm workers. He told us about sleeping in cars, sheds or in fields because that was what was available. Even though his mother got a job in a factory, he worked full time in high school, college, and while attending law school to support himself and his family. My mother spent her summers during high school working on a cattle ranch and cooking for the crews. My parents taught us a strong work ethic. My older brother and I raised pigs and owned a cow that we milked, while attending school and participating in school sports.

After marrying, and before I went to college, I worked three jobs to support my own family. I washed dishes at a restaurant, cleaned bathrooms and other facilities at an RV Park, and picked tomatoes for a farmer. I was employed full time in a frozen food plant while I attended college. I became an attorney in my mid-thirties. I am well acquainted with the challenges of obtaining the American Dream, through hard work and education. The opportunity to improve our circumstances and enjoy the fruit of our own labor must be defended. As a State Senator, I have focused on protecting individual liberty, defending private property, reducing tax burdens, and holding government accountable.

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