Jim sponsored and carried the 2022 tax cut bill that is the largest tax cut in Idaho history. The bill provides $350 million in rebates to Idaho taxpayers. Taxpayers will receive a rebate of 12% of the Idaho State income tax they paid in tax year 2020 or $75 per person, whichever is higher. The bill also cut income tax rates for $250 million per year of ongoing income tax relief.

In addition, Senator Rice brought Counties, Cities, and legislators together to restructure how public defense is paid for, resulting in ongoing property tax relief of $34 million per year.


Senator Rice has consistently been given the NRA’s highest A+ rating for his work to protect our Second Amendment rights.

RESTRICTIONS ON Homeowners Association (HOA) ABUSES

Senator Rice authored a bill that was signed into law that will curb the power of homeowners’ associations after state lawmakers felt some organizations were abusing their authority.

HOA’s will now have to give written notice if a resident is out of compliance with neighborhood code, and allow 30 days to let the homeowner fix the problem before fining them. Homeowners cannot be fined if they’re trying to rectify the problem.

defending property rights

Jim has been recognized by numerous agriculture groups as a leader in protecting agriculture from government overreach, and in protecting property rights.